Labor Dispute Services for the Food and Manufacturing Industry

December 6, 2021

strike Labor Dispute Services Shine After Many Businesses Experience Labor Turmoil

America has been seeing close to four million workers per month quit their jobs. When there is a surplus of over 10 million open positions, workers are jumping ship for better opportunities, even after accepting a new job. Hiring continues to be a huge challenge, and many employers should know that getting new workers in the door isn’t enough; retaining them has become just as important. Labor dispute services have helped many business owners deal with the labor turmoil of 2021.

The food and manufacturing industry, in particular, has seen wild swings in supply and demand throughout the pandemic. Supply chain complications, along with increased costs for creating a safe workplace, have created a need for employees to work extended hours, including weekends and evenings. With changing attitudes among the everyday worker, the food, automotive, and manufacturing industries are primed for a reaction that will see strikes and walk-offs soar.

Labor Dispute Services: Unpacking the Complexities of Strikes and Walk-offs

Working conditions have been a hot topic for many workers in the food and manufacturing industries, as these workforces have been keeping North Americans supplied with a wide range of goods and services. Anecdotally, many workers claim that there is a long list of headaches that come with serving customers or working in a manufacturing facility.

Many workers in these fields state that their jobs simply do not pay enough to address irritable customers or uncomfortable worksites that often require overtime or overnight work. Unfavorable or unsafe working conditions in the manufacturing industry haven’t fared well for many workforces looking for a career that speaks to their needs, including adequate time off.

strike Labor Dispute Services: Are Working Conditions the Crux of Workers’ Issues?

In some warehouse, security, and logistics industries, off-hour work that includes evenings and weekends is no longer tolerated by workers. With the wealth of opportunities available, quitting a role to seek a more attractive position is more appealing now than ever. Low-skilled laborers are now open to the idea of exploring the job market and taking on a new opportunity, even if it involves the risk of leaving one job for another.

In fact, job openings are piling up, and industry leaders will need to be creative to ensure their business remains productive and their workers are happy. Even if an employer has a successful round of hiring, retaining these employees will become a greater challenge as workers might be so bold as to quit a new job for a better offering elsewhere.

Labor Dispute Services as a Viable Solution for Business Owners

Historically, such labor disputes and complications have been tied to well-known economic disasters, including the great recession of 2008 and the great depression that occurred in 1929. The pandemic has prompted many of the challenges experienced by business owners today. However, most of the demands from workers have been a slowly brewing issue that began well over a decade ago.

The pandemic isn’t to blame for the labor turmoil that is being experienced across North America. Low-skilled workers claim that the real reason for these complications is rooted in the nature of work altogether. Poor treatment of workers, hard labor for little pay, and poor benefits along with lack of work flexibility have been cited as reasons for workers to walk off the job.

As business owners consider their offerings (flex work, increased wages, job security, work-life balance) to attract a content workforce, temporary workers have been key to successfully bouncing back from a complicated pandemic. Making matters more complicated, workers are well aware of the surplus of other job openings in different industries that might better suit their needs and offer more.

building Labor Dispute Services, Temporary Workers, and Union Negotiation Offered by AFIMAC

Whether you are about to experience a strike within your workforce or are in the midst of addressing strike action and union negotiations, AFIMAC is the global leader in labor dispute services and has been successful in guiding endless Fortune 500 companies through complicated strikes and walk-offs.

Strikes, labor negotiations, security services, and executive protection are complicated matters that often require the assistance of a third party to mitigate risk and resolve issues between unions and employers. When a workforce strikes, know that you aren’t alone during these difficult times as AFIMAC maintains a directory of experienced professionals who can navigate the complexities while helping resume production.

AFIMAC continues to be recognized as the industry leader in temporary work solutions and security services for corporations across multiple industries in North America. AFIMAC can address complications related to strikes, labor dispute negotiations, walk-offs, or absenteeism among your workforce and offer peace of mind that your business can maintain productivity during these challenging times. AFIMAC maintains a directory of highly skilled laborers that can address long-term strikes or shortages and can assist with any complicated labor negotiations as they arise.

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