Labor Dispute Services Address Ups and Downs of Labor Unrest in America

December 6, 2021

strike Labor Dispute Services: Simple Solutions to Address Labor Turmoil

Labor dispute services that offer temporary workers, strike security, and union negotiation specialists have been able to address many of the challenges employers are facing in 2021 and beyond. Many businesses, especially the fast-food industry, have been challenged to hire new employees and retain them for the long term. Workplaces have routinely been understaffed, creating a stressful and chaotic environment for the employees who must meet surging demands.

With rising inflation and increased costs of living, many workers who can help these struggling sectors are becoming increasingly more selective to make ends meet in their personal lives. With ongoing labor shortages, walk-offs, absenteeism, and complicated strike negotiations, many businesses are unaware of the long list of services that are available to help navigate these challenges. Learn about these services along with helpful tips to maintain productivity during the recent labor challenges plaguing the world economy.

Labor Dispute Services and Other Creative Strategies to Address Labor Volatility

Aside from increased wages and improved benefits, there are a number of ways an employer can address short-staffed workplaces. Many other industries can learn from fast-food heavyweights who have gone to great strides to ensure the ongoing worker shortage does not harm their operations. Cutting operation hours is a simple technique that many burger joints have used to keep their business running despite a lack of workers.

Saturdays and Sundays have seen the worst of worker shortages in North America, where workforces are increasingly less motivated to take jobs that require weekend work. Shutting down operations on these days will ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible between Monday and Friday and encourage prospective workers to apply for roles that don’t require weekend work.

Some other employers, including the manufacturing industry, have turned to bonus structures that reward employees for remaining with the company for extended periods of time. Motivating workforces to stay on the job site with cash incentives delivered every six months can bring stability to an unstable job market. Other delivery giants have extended work-from-home programs that offer employees a balance of in-person work and remote work, while some industries have provided parental and childcare benefits that can get employees back to work without the stress of having to manage other responsibilities at home.

construction Labor Dispute Services: Foreign Workers to Play a Part in Addressing Worker Shortages

The state of Colorado has seen some of the most challenges related to worker shortages and labor unrest. As a place that relies so heavily on tourism, finding staff to work at mountainside resorts is becoming almost impossible. International employees are a possible option for tourist destinations such as Aspen. However, with soaring rent prices, it might not make financial sense for international workers if they can’t afford housing during their stay. Many seasonal jobs at resorts across Aspen come with low-starting wages that simply won’t pay the bills of coming to the United States.

One resort has taken it upon itself to build affordable temporary housing for international workers. On top of that, increased wages beyond legal minimums are expected to attract foreign workers and make the trip more enticing. It’s an ongoing challenge for many destinations that lean on tourism as a source of income. Whether or not these industries will attract enough workers to address what is likely to be a busy ski and snowboard season in Colorado remains to be seen.

Labor Dispute Services and Addressing the Complexity of Inflation

October’s Consumer Price Index reported that inflation hit a 30-year-high at 6.2%. The hard truth is that many workforces and unions will be looking for an increase in wages to address these troubling inflation numbers.

This, paired with complicated worker shortages, seems inevitable that unions are likely to strike in an effort to secure livable wages that address soaring grocery bills, childcare, and rent. Every industry is faced with these challenges, from farming equipment to healthcare, and inflation is set to burden both workers and employers with complications that require labor dispute services in the form of temporary workers, skilled negotiators, and strike security.

strike planning Labor Dispute Services and Strike Security Provided by AFIMAC

AFIMAC strike specialists can safely navigate any labor dispute or worker shortage by offering temporary labor solutions, strike security, and ongoing labor dispute services that can be implemented on short notice. Our security services and negotiation techniques result from over 30 years of experience supporting image-conscious clients looking to maintain operations during difficult labor turmoil.

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