How Agency Temps Can Lead to Full-time Workforces

February 14, 2022

Business Meeting Agency Temps - Key Questions Every Business Owner Should Be Asking

Temporary workers are one of the simplest ways of managing the recent economic uncertainty that has come as a result of the pandemic. COVID-19 has complicated supply chains, raised the costs of doing business, and offered unpredictable shifts in demand that many industries are having difficulty navigating. A staffing agency can help address business owners’ concerns and alleviate many of the challenges senior leadership are facing without committing to hiring a full-time workforce.

When your business is ready to hire employees full-time, your previous temporary workers can act as a readily available pool of talent. Consider enlisting temporary workers that can lead to full-time workforces that are focused on productivity and maintaining the bottom line.

Agency Temps Offer a Quick Look at Prospective Workers

Workers that are signed on for temporary contracts give employers a look at how future employees could blend with existing workforces. Stand-out temp workers could be prospective full-time employees, reducing some of the uncertainty of hiring a candidate. Further, should a temporary worker already have a relationship with your business, it can save HR professionals time during the hiring process. These workers also need less training, already understand the job at hand, and have existing relationships with coworkers, leading to increased productivity.

Job Interview Five Questions Business Owners Must Ask When Hiring Agency Temps

If you are considering hiring a temporary workforce, ask these questions to gain a clear picture of the workers you will be hiring.

How Does Your Staffing Agency Vet Temporary Workers?

Not all staffing agencies are created equally, and business owners are encouraged to inquire about the quality of the temporary workers they will be hiring. What due diligence has the staffing agency completed to ensure they are the right fit for the role? Hire workers from staffing agencies that have gone the extra mile to ensure they are free from problematic criminal records and capable of completing their work.

Can Temporary Workers Be Hired on as Full-Time Staff?


There are many reasons why someone has chosen to pursue temporary work with an agency. Some workers may have complicated parental and childcare commitments, are pursuing higher education, or simply are having difficulty finding full-time employment in their desired industry. Should business owners wish to hire a temporary worker full-time, the staffing agency can work alongside the business owner to create contracts with workers transitioning them to full-time roles.

Every situation is different, and high-quality temporary agencies can work with senior leadership to ensure temporary workers become part of a high-quality workforce.

Arrow Pointing Down What Happens if Agency Temps Are Not Up to the Expectations of Business Owners?

Just as in any workplace, sometimes certain employees don’t blend well with a team and need to be let go. This is the same with temporary workers. Should certain employees not be able to complete their duties as expected, they can be replaced with a new temporary worker on behalf of the agency.

Can Agency Temps Be Dispatched to Different Locations?


Specialized temp agencies can deploy entire temporary workforces to job sites anywhere in North America. This includes remote workplaces in the mining, natural gas, and precious metal industries. Should your business require multiple temporary workforces across different job sites, quality agencies can help address these needs and transport workers to wherever is necessary.

How Much Time Does It Take to Deploy a Temporary Workforce?

In emergency situations, agencies can provide temporary workers quickly, sometimes in less than 24 hours. However, depending on the skill set required, some roles may take more time to fill than others.

Office Building Enlist Temporary Workforces and Agency Temps Offered by AFIMAC

AFIMAC Global continues to be recognized as the industry leader in temporary work solutions for corporations across multiple industries. AFIMAC can address complications related to strikes, labor negotiations, walk-offs, or absenteeism. AFIMAC maintains a directory of highly-skilled laborers that can address long-term strikes or worker shortages, helping assist ongoing labor unrest across North America.

Temporary workers provide a solution to challenges related to your supply chain security and can help ease issues of absenteeism that have arisen post-pandemic. Should your business experience labor shortages or any other economic uncertainty, AFIMAC can offer solutions while helping navigate challenges with union negotiations and strikes. Our robust vetting process can help business leaders find temporary workers that can fill full-time roles, even under extreme time constraints.

AFIMAC Global can also address other issues that may occur as a result of labor unrest, including strike security, remote terminations, and executive protection service offerings.

Enlist the industry leaders in temporary workforces and help your business maintain productivity during these uncertain times.
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