High-Risk Terminations and Protests

January 25, 2022

High Risk Termination Many organizations have begun to take action with employees that have not followed vaccination mandates. Individuals are being suspended without pay and, in some cases, terminated for not complying.

As a result, we are experiencing an increase in requests for support from companies with employees that present a safety risk.

Warning signs to watch for:

  • Individual is very vocal about their beliefs
  • Posting threats online
  • Verbally abusive phone calls and messages
  • Individual joins other like-minded groups online (conspiracy theories)
  • Refusal to wear a mask
  • Involved in anti-vaccination protests and activist activities
  • Refusal to provide proof of vaccination certificates

Things to consider:

  • Have resources and a security plan in place if a termination goes badly
  • Ensure security resources can deal with individuals in a non-confrontational manner
  • Monitor social media for threats and ensure your brand is not being targeted
  • Conduct a security assessment to ensure all barriers and access controls are functioning
    • De-activate access for those who are terminated
  • Security should be considered at the homes of executives and managers
  • Ensure good communication between departments (human resources, security, facilities, operations)
  • Have measures in place to gather evidence for an injunction or a cease and desist if business is interrupted

Having an action plan can greatly reduce your risk. Please feel free to contact AFIMAC at jrovers@afimaccan.com.
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