Corporate Travel Management for Executives Traveling Internationally in 2022

Oct 20,2022

Corporate Travel Management Services Provided by AFIMAC Global, Your Trusted International Travel Management Company

Corporate Travel Management – A Necessary Tool to Address Air Travel Complications

How Corporate Travel Management Works to Address International Travel Woes


Corporate travel management is a necessity in 2022. Many commercial airlines continue to feel the effects of labor and fuel shortages, including supply chain disruptions that have thrown a wrench in corporate air travel’s bounce back. Many travel management companies have been working diligently to ensure that the corporate executives who must travel for work have safe, productive, and efficient trips with as few delays as possible.


But the truth is that flight cancelations have been commonplace in North America and abroad, sometimes occurring with very little notice. Travel to Europe has been, in particular, a complex feat for both leisure and corporate travelers, as departure flights from places like the U.K., Germany, France, and Spain have seen three times as many cancelations compared to pre-pandemic years. Senior leadership should be looking to make extra efforts to prepare for air travel delays and enlist travel managers that can adjust corporate travel arrangements at a moment’s notice.


Corporate Travel Management in 2022


Air travel disruptions are set to continue throughout the summer and fall months of 2022. Heathrow Airport has been experiencing well over 50 flight cancelations a day, and so far, close to ten thousand travelers have been left searching for alternatives. The situation is set to get much worse before it gets better, as airlines are left in a complicated spot when fuel prices soar across the world, and general labor shortages persist. Anything can happen during air travel, and business travelers should prepare with corporate travel management services.


Even though summer is one of the most in-demand times to travel to Europe, one British Airline has preemptively canceled over 10,000 short-haul flights for the remainder of the travel season. This is a key reminder for corporate air travelers that disruptions and delays are set to continue well beyond the busy summer travel season and into the fall. These flight cancelations can be a nightmare for executives to address while on the road. Attempting to rebook a flight while balancing business meetings can cause great stress to an executive who should focus on productivity rather than travel complications. 


What Can Corporate Travel Management Services Do for Executives?

A corporate travel management company can address every possible concern related to air travel in 2022, actively working to manage the complex itineraries of traveling executives and seeking out alternative travel arrangements. When a flight is canceled on short notice, corporate travel managers can rebook flights while executive teams focus on more important tasks.


When corporations have large fleets of traveling professionals, leaving each team member to manage their own travel itineraries can lead to endless complications. Leveraging a third-party travel management company to manage these itineraries can help professionals stay productive on the road and avoid delays that can cost time and money. Further, if a third-party travel manager handles the travel arrangements for a large fleet of staff, these managers can work to negotiate better rates and discounts for your workforce, resulting in greater savings on flight and hotel bookings.


Corporate Travel Management: Addressing Travel Chaos


In other cases, when executives are required to travel to exotic destinations for work, some bad actors may attempt to take advantage of the turmoil facing the corporate travel industry. A C-level executive left stranded at an airport or hotel could draw the attention of criminals, leading to instances of petty crime, pickpocketing attempts, or even kidnap and ransom attempts. 


Under these circumstances, a specialized corporate travel management company can work quickly to ensure the safety of your workforce, seeking out alternative accommodations on short notice. In other cases, corporate travel managers can arrange for protective drivers and monitor the movements of entire teams to ensure their safety anywhere in the world.


Corporate Travel Management Services Provided by AFIMAC Global


Your extra care during these difficult times will ensure the safety of executives who are exploring business travel for the first time in many years. International travel is not as simple as it once was, and flight cancelations can waste valuable time and money. Take the steps necessary to ensure the safe and efficient travel of executive teams with corporate travel management offerings that speak to the nature of post-pandemic travel. 


AFIMAC remains the global leader in bespoke corporate travel management services that can actively address flight delays and travel complications as they happen. When Fortune 500 companies experience corporate travel complications, AFIMAC has stepped in to seek alternatives, manage complex travel itineraries, and ensure the safe movement of professionals traveling worldwide. 


AFIMAC specializes in the safe corporate travel of executive teams across North America, Europe, Mexico, Latin America, and much more. 


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Corporate Travel Management Services Provided by AFIMAC Global, Your Trusted International Travel Management Company

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