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April 5, 2012

Can management use the old tried, tested and true “no comment” when responding to difficult strike or lock out related issues?

Unions are now using communication firms to drive their key messages, not only to striking workers but to elected officials and members of the community.

With social media becoming widely used it is critical for management to ensure they take control of the message. Union activists and elected officials often use fear and misinformation to garner attention.

As part of your overall contingency plan a greater emphasis needs to be placed on a new kind of protest; one that doesn’t involve traditional pickets. The new form of protest is to engage the masses through social media. Damage to your brand and reputation can be accomplished effortlessly with a simply tweet or Facebook posting.

Too many times I hear, “we won’t speak to the media,” or “no comment.” Management typically reacts by engaging legal counsel. This only aids the union as it creates a David and Goliath scenario.

The public then wonders what they are hiding. In order to achieve objectives the old rules of crisis communication need to change.
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