Agency Temps for the North American Healthcare Sector

March 14, 2022

exhausted nurse Agency Temps Primed to Address Ongoing Healthcare Labor Shortages

Agency temps may be one of the many solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare sector. Ongoing labor shortages in both the skilled and unskilled segments of the healthcare industry are putting many patients at risk, with no immediate solution in sight. Burnout remains at an all-time high, not just for nurses and doctors but also for their support staff.

The entire healthcare sector is feeling the strain of extended over time and the demands they face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While work remains stressful, fleets of staff are still at risk of contracting COVID-19, making it extremely difficult to maintain productivity in the event workers become sick. An injection of laborers is needed to brace against the challenges the healthcare industry is facing, paving the way for a workforce that is healthy and able to respond to the new demands and challenges of a post-pandemic era.

Agency Temps and the Statistics Behind the Healthcare Industry’s Labor Shortages

It’s estimated that close to ten million Americans are currently working in low-wage jobs tied to the healthcare industry, including aides, cleaners, and administrative staff. Over the next five years, well over 6 million of those people will retire, with estimates that there are potentially only 2 million workers to fill their roles.

These ratios are even worse in states with larger populations, signifying a critical shortage of workers left to fill these important roles. The result is an ongoing and slowly worsening labor shortage that is expected to only get worse over the next five years.

nurse with a heart Agency Temps Offer Vision of a Financially Stable Healthcare System

The costs of skilled labor continue to rise as many healthcare facilities continue to compete for the same candidates, such as doctors, personal support workers, and registered nurses. In the United States, hospitals have had to adjust their offerings to attract candidates and have them hired as quickly as possible. Balancing the budgets of healthcare facilities has become increasingly more complex and, in some cases, putting hospitals and retirement homes in financial peril.

The same applies to low-skilled workers; as so many industries are frantically hiring, the healthcare system is having difficulty attracting low-skilled and entry-level workers. Should aides and other workers choose to retire early, the results could be catastrophic for the patients who need care the most. With so many open positions available, temporary workers might be one of the only solutions to these challenges.

Agency Temps for Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities

The healthcare sector as a whole requires a comprehensive solution that includes far more than adding new staff at hospitals. The entire industry is experiencing a ripple effect with shortages, prompting major delays, and straining existing workforces.

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities are facing some of the most challenging labor shortages in history, creating a problem that could spill out onto the rest of the industry. Should long-term care facilities be unable to accept new patients, hospitals may have a backlog that could threaten the well-being of their patients.

nurse exhausted Agency Temps: Considering the Importance of Temporary Workers

Temporary workers are set to play an important role in regard to these shortages. Temp workers have an opportunity to take on these low-skilled roles in healthcare that were once in high demand. Temp workers can be trained to develop essential skills to aid existing staff members and manage the burnout they are facing.

In the event that segments of the healthcare industry consider striking against their employer, fleets of temp workers will be crucial to ensure that patients continue to receive the care they deserve.

North American Agency Temps Provided by AFIMAC

AFIMAC Global is primed to offer temporary labor solutions to the many segments of the healthcare industry that are facing staff shortages. Entire workforces can be deployed to a healthcare facility, be trained before arriving at the job site, and even be dispatched to remote destinations. These workers can also be leveraged to address long-term labor shortages and are available for full-time employment upon the completion of their contract.

AFIMAC continues to be recognized as the global leader in temporary work solutions for institutions such as the healthcare industry. AFIMAC can address all labor complications, including staff shortages, strikes, and labor negotiations. AFIMAC maintains a directory of highly skilled and low-wage workers that can help resolve complex worker shortages facing healthcare in North America.

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