Are You Considering Terminating Employees This Fall? Prepare With This Guide

September 08,2022

Terminating employees is never pleasant, but instead an unfortunate reality in a declining economy. Lean on AFIMAC to prepare for some of the negative consequences that come from a high-risk termination with security services that address the risks involved. Terminating Employees in 2022: What Every Business Owner Should Know

Terminating employees is never pleasant but an unfortunate cost of doing business in 2022. Both Canada and the United States have experienced record-breaking levels of inflation, increasing the costs of conducting business and complicating the nature of hiring quality workers. As the economy slows and interest rates get higher, the result is a slowly declining economy, reduced revenues, and a likely recession.

Many retail and hospitality sectors are facing the fact that laying off employees will be necessary to make ends meet within their businesses. The same applies to the logistics and manufacturing sectors, as high-risk terminations are a certainty as the economy adjusts to soaring inflation. As a business owner, are you prepared for the unfortunate issues that come with mass layoffs?

Use this guide when terminating employees in 2022.

Terminating Employees: Overlooked Consequences of Employee Layoffs

It is likely that some employees will take the news of being terminated personally, reacting negatively to their dismissal. The COVID-19 pandemic has strained the mental health of the public, and termination of employment may prompt negative and emotional reactions.

These are just some of the potential adverse outcomes of a difficult mass layoff:

  • Threats of violence against business owners and executive teams
  • Violent backlashes against human resource professionals or managers
  • Instances of harassment that include laid-off employees returning to the job site
  • Active shooter situations at your workplace
  • Public backlash across social media and other public mediums
  • Picketing and protesting at your workplace

Terminating Employees: A Guide for Business Owners

Businesses are encouraged to engage with third-party security companies to address the risks of high-risk layoffs. Should a former employee turn violent against fellow staff, it could create a costly liability issue against the employer. Further, terminated employees who turn violent put people’s lives at risk. Every employer should take the necessary steps to secure a job site and ensure the safety of all remaining staff.

Your security efforts should go far beyond the office space and work to ensure the safety of executive teams at their homes and during business travel. Use this guide when conducting contentious layoffs and work to protect both people and property.

  • Hire Physical Security Details: For termination meetings, a security presence can help manage the emotions during difficult layoffs and ensure that all parties behave appropriately. Many security guards are trained in nonviolent de-escalation tactics that can protect managers and safely escort terminated employees off company property.
  • Implement Emergency Response Strategies: Should there be any concern about a laid-off employee returning to the job site to commit violence, your business should have a comprehensive emergency response strategy in place ahead of time. Lean on third-party security companies to develop these plans and train existing staff in the event an active shooter situation arises.
  • Monitor Potentially Dangerous Laid-Off Employees: Should managers have specific concerns about an employee, security companies can work to monitor the movements of the employee in question and even track their public social profiles. Consider implementing these strategies for terminated employees who are suspected of lashing out and turning violent upon termination.
  • Hire Executive Protection: Leveraged as a response strategy or a preemptive measure, executive protection services can work to ensure the safety of executives either at the workplace or at their homes. Disgruntled employees may sometimes visit executives’ homes and act out, resulting in security risks to their families. When terminations turn ugly, an executive security team can offer peace of mind to business leaders when tempers flare.
  • Safe Travel Preparations: Should your business be expecting protests or public backlash due to a large layoff, security drivers and travel managers can mitigate these risks before they grow into bigger issues. Many C-level executives can face harassment during corporate travel, and picket lines can be dangerous to cross without proper security.
  • Picket Line and Protest Security: When a large layoff sparks anger from the general public, your workplace could experience protests against your business. These types of issues can result in instances of harassment against executives, damage to property, and potentially violent outbursts. Protest security can protect your workers visiting the workplace and your property. A well-trained security team can ensure that protestors act appropriately, and your staff can safely return to the job site despite active protests.

Terminating Employees and Security Services Provided by AFIMAC

As businesses gear up for what is a likely economic recession, high-risk terminations are simply a part of doing business in 2022. Take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of your remaining staff, executive teams, and property, with highly tailored security services that can preemptively address each concern before they arise.

AFIMAC continues to be recognized as the global leader in security solutions that can address high-risk terminations in the workplace. Security details, emergency response planning, and executive protection services can protect a business’ liabilities during expected layoffs. Further, AFIMAC can work to mitigate the negative consequences of layoffs, including protests, harassment, and picket lines.

Prepare now for the consequences of high-risk terminations. Contact Jim Rovers directly at to learn more about available solutions.

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