Temporary Laborers for Natural Gas, Oil, and Energy: Maintain the Bottom Line

July 20,2022

Energy Workers Temporary Labor Can Help to Revive North America’s Energy Sector

Temporary labor has become the saving grace for the natural gas, oil, and mining industries. The energy sector in North America faces the daunting task of maintaining operations and bouncing back from a difficult pandemic, with labor shortages running rampant. This industry has suffered some of the most significant losses during the COVID-19 pandemic, with OilAndGasJobSearch.com reporting that almost 40% of energy workers lost their jobs.

North America’s labor shortages can’t last forever, and temp agencies are a critical provider of much-needed labor services that can protect your bottom line.

Bringing these workers back to the job site has proven to be a difficult task, with many moving on from the industry or relocating outside North America altogether. It’s a tough ask for oil professionals to be laid off, relocate back home, and then be requested to move to or visit remote job sites where oil drilling takes place. The result is a labor shortage that can prompt incredible financial hardships and challenge the viability of your business.

Temporary Labor Poised to Offer Solutions for the Energy Sector Fuel Storage

Job vacancies have been widespread in the energy sector, as a buyer’s market for anyone seeking a job has given candidates plenty of options to consider. Low-skilled and entry-level workers for the energy sector are in high demand, and some more skilled professionals in this sector have moved on to other opportunities. Well before the pandemic began, the oil industry was facing the harsh reality that its aging workforce wasn’t being replaced by new, more youthful workers.

One study conducted back in 2019 predicted that the North American oil and gas industry would be short on over 40,000 workers by 2025. The work itself in this industry is challenging, offering no shortage of wear and tear on a worker’s body. Workers can also be inconsistent, unpredictable, and require extensive travel away from their families. The long-term result has been a talent pool that has been shrinking and less willing to take on the challenges of the oil sector.

Beyond Temporary Labor, The Energy Sector Must Be Creative to Retain Talent

Soaring oil and gas prices due to conflict in Eastern Europe have also prompted a need for more workers in North America. Businesses in Canada and the United States are experiencing an incredible surge in demand for oil and are simply unable to meet it due to labor shortages. Companies continue to compete and are scrambling to adjust their offerings to attract long-term workers.

Today, employers of oil rigs and drilling sites must get creative to attract workers to the job site. Higher wages might not be the most important factor for many workers. Many desire on-the-job training, career development, and childcare options. Training programs that offer the long-term opportunity of developing a stable career in the energy sector can help when recruiting.

How to Manage Labor Shortages in the Energy Sector with Temporary Labor Refinery Piping

Temporary labor may be one of the only immediate solutions for business owners who are being challenged by North America’s labor crisis. Many temp agencies can source quality workers and arrange transportation to the job site, even in remote locations. When local talent is unable or unwilling to fill vacant positions, agency temps can step in to alleviate emergency shortages.

As for long-term solutions, many temp workers can be hired full-time once their contract with an agency is complete. This way, employers can take a close look at an entire workforce, spot candidates that fit their long-term goals, and move on from other candidates once their contract is complete. While economic uncertainty challenges many businesses, temporary workforces offer unique flexibility that can address the wild swings in demand for oil and energy in North America.

Temporary Labor Solutions for the Oil, Gas, and Energy Sector Provided by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is one of the global leaders in sourcing temporary labor for a long list of industries, including the oil, gas, and energy sector.

Should your business be facing a critical lack of workers, AFIMAC can step in to provide temporary labor forces suited directly to your needs. By maintaining a database of skilled workers, AFIMAC can dispatch workforces to your job site with short notice and prevent labor shortages from causing significant financial hardship. Workforces can even be sent to remote and rural locations across North America, relieve burnt-out employees, and help you protect your bottom line during this global labor crisis.

AFIMAC specializes in many complex labor challenges, guiding big and small companies through economic uncertainty due to labor crises. Reach out to us directly and fill out the form below to explore a long list of services that can address strikes, walk-offs, recruitment challenges, and general absenteeism with full-service temporary labor solutions.

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