Temporary Labor For Food Plants, Processors, And Supermarkets

July 5,2022

Temporary Labor Temporary Labor Slated to Help Address Labor Shortages Complications

The food processing and grocery industry has experienced many challenges in the last two years. Between labor shortages and volatile swings in consumer demands, many grocers have been under pressure to keep shelves stocked while consumers increase their spending on food. Even after business owners have improved their employment offerings, many players within the food supply chain have seen difficulties hiring and retaining employees for the long run. Temporary labor, however, is uniquely positioned to address these challenges by enlisting much-needed workers that can meet the expectations of their customers and feed the communities they serve.

Many customers are unaware of the complex supply chain that ensures that food successfully moves from farm to table. Still, consumer sentiments continue to evolve, as the increased demands for food and groceries are coming with an expectation that your business will have enough staff to serve its customers. From farms, food processing plants, meat packing facilities, distributors, and the end retailer, each pillar of this supply chain requires a long list of workers to ensure sustainability while local communities are properly fed.

During these difficult times, companies should be looking towards temp agencies that can provide temp labor solutions and ensure the supply chain stays on the path towards productivity and recovery.

Temporary Labor: Addressing North America’s Labor Shortages Temporary Labor Solutions Offered by AFIMAC

As low-wage workers continue to jump ship between different jobs, grocers and food processing plants have had to be creative in order to retain staff and meet consumer demands. They have adjusted their hours to offer more flexibility, cut back on certain products, and provided cash incentives to staff if they stay on the job for extended periods of time. Still, general worker absenteeism continues with no immediate solution in sight.

These problems are especially prevalent in rural communities and small towns across North America. There are simply not enough workers willing to take on jobs that were once easily filled, and these issues have become so problematic that some retailers may have to close their doors entirely.

Other avenues of addressing supply chain issues have been less popular with staff, as some employees are unwilling to be relocated or refuse to commute to other workplaces experiencing labor shortages. Making unreasonable requests of existing staff may prompt workers to quit and search for another job, further exacerbating these labor issues. For businesses in desperate need of solutions to these challenges, temporary labor is set to be a saving grace that can help maintain operations and navigate ongoing economic uncertainty.

Temporary Labor: Benefits That Can Help Your Business Grow

Temporary labor has grown to play an important role in the food industries plagued by labor shortages. Temp agencies specializing in these challenges can work alongside your business to get required workers on the job site and fulfill demands. Temp labor is also unique because it can be leveraged for specific periods of time, including instances when your business requires the most workers. For example, some grocers might require more labor on the weekends or during particular months. Many rural communities experience a surge in grocery demand in the summer months, especially if the workplace is located in popular tourist destinations.

Further, when workers become sick due to COVID-19, temp laborers can be quickly dispatched, successfully navigating emergency labor shortages. In rural or small towns, fleets of temporary workers can be transported by bus, stepping in to address unexpected emergencies or relieving overworked staff.

Temporary workers can also be hired full-time upon completing their contracts, giving business owners a closer look at the new staff they are considering hiring. As there is no obligation to hire temp workers full-time, this provides flexibility, being able to pick and choose the employees they wish to retain.

Temporary Labor Solutions Offered by AFIMAC Temporary Labor Solutions

AFIMAC remains the global leader in the temporary labor space, offering labor solutions to a long list of industries, including the food supply chain and retail grocery industry. AFIMAC has worked closely with both small businesses and large corporations that require the services of temporary workers to maintain their operations and fulfill surges in demand.

Should your business be facing a critical lack of workers, AFIMAC can step in to provide temporary labor that can be transported to the job site with very little notice. By maintaining a database of skilled workers, AFIMAC can dispatch workforces to rural and isolated businesses that are being challenged to fill vacant positions or experiencing a critical labor shortage. Workforces can also relieve burnt-out employees and help you protect your bottom line in the immediate future.

AFIMAC specializes in these complex labor challenges, guiding many Fortune 500 companies through the economic uncertainty due to this labor crisis. Reach out to us directly and fill out the form below to explore a long list of services that can address strikes, walk-offs, and general absenteeism with full-service temporary labor solutions.

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