Temp Labor for the Farming Industry is a Grassroots Approach to Labor Shortages

June 29,2022

Why Hire Security Drivers Temporary Labor - A Natural Choice for the Agriculture Industry

Temporary labor for the farming and agriculture industry in North America is primed to address some of the labor concerns of North America’s farmers. With ongoing labor shortages plaguing multiple industries, the farming sector, in particular, has had difficulties sourcing quality talent and retaining them for the long run. The nature of work in agriculture isn’t glamorous but is highly important to keeping North American families fed. Extended labor shortages in this sector threaten the supply chains that keep grocery stores well-stocked and could prompt food shortages.

Temp labor services can assist with the sourcing and recruitment of temporary farmworkers, stepping to address absenteeism, walk-offs, and other labor challenges that are being experienced in North America. Farmers and business owners can lean on agencies that provide temp labor to help maintain operations, even on short notice.

Temporary Labor Addresses Challenges Experienced in the Agriculture Sector

Farmers and business owners have found themselves in a difficult situation, unable to compete with other industries during this labor shortage. Many fast food and retail giants have increased their wages in an effort to attract entry-level workers while offering additional incentives to keep workers on the job for extended periods of time. Smaller farms are simply unable to compete with the offerings of larger corporations that can provide their employees extended benefits, office work with air conditioning, or flexible work arrangements.

Many farming jobs require significant manual labor, including early mornings and weekend work, which doesn’t have the same appeal as it once did. During the spring and summer months, when farmers require the most seasonal help, working conditions can be hot and humid, prompting some workers to have a change of heart on their choice of career paths. Walk-offs have become increasingly common as farmers struggle to make ends meet. While farming work doesn’t dazzle in comparison to other competing industries, these jobs remain important and underappreciated. During these times, sourcing out-of-town labor and transporting them to the job site is an option that can be leveraged.

Discussing Claims Fraud Temporary Labor and the Statistics Behind the Farming Labor Shortage

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture predicts that labor shortages in the farming sector due to the pandemic have resulted in $2.9 billion in lost revenues or a 4.2% decline in the entire industry. By 2025, it is expected that the agriculture industry in Canada will be short on more than 100,000 workers, prompting a dire need to recruit and retain workers who can embrace these jobs for the long term.

In the United States, labor shortages in agriculture are even more significant, exacerbated by an aging workforce and a lack of interest from younger workers. The 2020 American Census revealed concerning numbers for small towns and rural areas across the country, predicting even worse labor shortages in the future. Rural towns have seen their population decline, creating a problematic situation for farmers who have already been challenged in recruiting laborers to work on their farms.

Foreign, Seasonal, and Temporary Labor for Farms in North America

The agriculture business has leveraged temporary foreign labor for many years, despite aggressive attempts at recruiting talent locally. Foreign workers have been estimated to make up close to three-quarters of the agriculture sector. Many local workers are simply uninterested in the available jobs, seeking alternative working arrangements in other industries.

Temporary foreign worker programs in both Canada and the United States provide a source of labor but often come with high startup costs, legal fees, and a complex process that many small farms are not interested in navigating. Temporary workforces are set to be one of the most affordable options that can address labor shortages while the industry reinvents itself to attract more workers in the long term.

The Role of AFIMAC – Providing Temporary Workers During Farming Labor Shortages Discussing Claims Fraud

AFIMAC is the global leader in sourcing temporary laborers for a long list of industries, including the food, processing, grocery, and agriculture sector.

Should your agriculture business be facing a critical lack of workers, AFIMAC can step in to provide temporary labor forces suited for the agriculture sector. By maintaining a database of skilled workers, AFIMAC can dispatch workforces to your job site with short notice. Workforces can even be sent to remote and rural locations across North America, relieve burnt-out employees, and help you protect your bottom line.

AFIMAC specializes in these complex labor challenges, guiding many big and small companies through the economic uncertainty due to this labor crisis. Reach out to us directly and fill out the form below to explore a long list of services that can address strikes, walk-offs, recruitment challenges, and general absenteeism with full-service temporary labor solutions.

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