Maintaining Business Operations With Natural Disaster Response and Continuity Planning

Aug 4,2022

Flooding disaster Natural Disaster Response: Protecting Both People and Property

Natural disaster response is a critical element of any business continuity plan. Even the businesses that believe they are at limited risk of facing a natural disaster can be caught off guard by flooding, tornados, landslides, hurricanes, and even a significant winter storm. A natural disaster response company can help address the unexpected and work in your best interest to maintain operations during the most challenging conditions.

The pandemic proved that global supply chains are highly vulnerable to disruption, and your business requires ongoing revision of its response to natural disasters. When the unthinkable happens, lean on natural disaster response companies that are well-prepared to address your concerns with incredibly detailed contingency planning, temporary workforces, and global resources that can support your business during a natural disaster.

Natural Disaster Response: Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

The economic impact of a natural disaster is shocking. The United States economy has lost trillions of dollars over the last 30 years. According to National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) reported that $140 billion in damages occurred in 2021 alone. In fact, events of natural disasters have slowly been increasing since 1980, when the historical average in America was just under 8 per year. In 2022, the NCEI is predicting more than 20 significant natural disasters.

This is especially problematic for any businesses residing along North America’s coastline. If your company is located on the east or west coast, it is especially vulnerable to floods, tornados, and hurricanes. But even businesses situated further away from the coast are also susceptible to events such as drought, wildfires, and heatwaves that can put an unexpected halt on your productivity.

Natural Disaster Response Natural Disaster Response: Frequently Asked Questions for Business Owners

For any executive team or business owner considering developing a business continuity plan, these are the most important questions you should know the answer to.

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan outlines both the preemptive prevention efforts and recovery from a natural disaster. Typically, these plans outline a clear line of communication or call tree, key vendors, and directions for staff in the event of a disaster. Business continuity planning often requires the services of a third-party agency that can pinpoint weaknesses and ensure their effectiveness with ongoing consultation and revision.

What Responsibilities Do Employers Have During Natural Disasters?

Employers have a duty of care obligation to their staff to provide a safe space for their employees to work each day at the job site.

During a natural disaster, sending staff to an unsafe job site can result in complex litigation and liability issues. During these times, third-party disaster response companies can work to build safe temporary workplaces, offer short-term housing and basecamps, and transport staff to and from the job site.

What Consequences Exist for an Employer Should a Natural Disaster Occur?

Employers can face complicated liability issues if they are proven to have been negligent before, during, or after a natural disaster. Continuity planning plays an integral role in an employer’s duty of care obligation, ensuring that staff is safe and protected during a natural disaster.

Aside from the obvious economic impacts of a natural disaster on your business, employers must provide a safe job site for their employees. All employees have the right to refuse unsafe work, and companies could face extensive walk-offs during a disaster, especially if the job site isn’t properly prepared.

What is the Primary Goal of Business Continuity Planning? Disaster Recovery

A successful business continuity plan or natural disaster response plan is essential for helping maintain a business’ operations while ensuring the safety of the entire workforce. They often include emergency contact information for disaster response companies that can dispatch resources and temporary labor to your job site and ensure your business meets its obligations no matter the circumstances.

Natural Disaster Response Alongside AFIMAC

While many corporations have invested plenty of time and money into business continuity, many small to medium-sized businesses have no plans at all to address an unexpected natural disaster. Sudden flooding due to heavy rains can halt your business’ productivity and put your entire supply chain at risk, while a significant hurricane can put both your business and staff at risk.

There are a number of ways to remedy the impacts of a sudden natural disaster with third parties who specialize in these complications. Lean on AFIMAC, the global leader in disaster response and business continuity planning to ensure that your business stays afloat no matter the circumstances. AFIMAC maintains global resources, including mobile basecamps, temporary workforces, and world-renowned expertise in business continuity planning. Be prepared for absolutely anything and plan for natural disasters that can put a halt to your business.

Contact AFIMAC directly to learn more about available services tailored to business owners across North America.

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