Five Answers to Questions About Temporary Labor Services Tailored for Employers

June 7,2022

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Temporary labor has a critical function for businesses experiencing labor shortages. With such a competitive job market, temporary labor simply makes sense, offering flexibility and addressing the uncertainty tied to the global labor shortage.

Temporary labor agencies are skilled at providing fleets of workers and labor services that can protect your business when local talent is unavailable. Temp agencies can provide fleets of workers ready to take on roles at your business, be assigned to your job site quickly, and be dispatched to wherever your business may be located. Should you or your executive team be considering temporary labor or temp workers, read on and have your questions answered.

Temporary Labor Questions Answered for Those Considering Hiring Temp Labor

Find answers to the five most common questions regarding temporary labor for businesses in North America.

1. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Temporary Labor?

Temporary workers can help address some of the costs of running your business, especially in the short term. Typically, temp agencies take on the costs of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring laborers, including any administrative expenses such as payroll processing. During a labor shortage, a temporary worker could cost your business less than hiring a full-time employee.

As for disadvantages, temporary workers may require additional training in order to complete the work needed at your business. For instance, even the most skilled temp worker may not have experience with a specialized piece of machinery. There may be a learning curve tied to the work that these temp laborers are required to complete. However, many temp agencies can provide training before workers head to the job site to ensure that they are prepared for their tasks.

2. How Can Temporary Workforces Offer Flexibility to a Business?

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A temporary workforce is unique in that its services can be enlisted for a short period of time, with no commitment to hiring the staff upon the completion of their contract. This is especially important for the businesses that see seasonal surges in demand, including resorts and tourist attractions. An entire workforce can be hired specifically for seasonal work and then relieved of their duties once their work is completed. Employers are able to address surges in demands for their business without the commitment that typically comes from a full-time employee.

This flexibility is critical when surges in demand are unpredictable.

3. Where Do Temp Agencies Find Their Workers?

Temp agencies are in a continuous state of sourcing out quality workers suitable for temporary work assignments. By maintaining a directory of skilled workers, these candidates can be called upon for their skill set when work is available. Many agencies create a database of skilled workers, often sourcing them locally and then dispatching them to specific job sites. Many temporary workers are testing the waters of employment, exploring different career options, or are in search of the flexibility that comes with temporary working arrangements.

4. Can a Business Hire Temporary Workers Full-Time?


One of the great advantages of hiring temporary workers is that a company can get a close look at a large pool of workers and decide on hiring those that fit their company’s goals and values. Temporary workers can be hired full-time once they have completed their contract, allowing business owners to pick and choose the best workers for their business.

5. Can Temporary Laborers Work Alongside Existing Workforces?

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Many industries leverage temporary workforces to manage burnout and assist existing staff members. The healthcare industry, in particular, can see great value from temporary workers. A temporary workforce can also replace an entire fleet of staff, stepping in during difficult strikes or negotiations. Temporary work solutions are typically shaped to fit a business’s needs. Workers can be leveraged for many tasks at healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, food processing, and grocery stores.

Temporary Labor Services Provided by AFIMAC

Every business is unique, and temporary labor services provided by AFIMAC can be shaped to fit your needs. Whether your business is facing critical labor shortages or difficult walk-offs and strikes, AFIMAC is uniquely suited to providing temporary work solutions for a long list of industries. By maintaining a directory of highly skilled workers, AFIMAC can dispatch laborers to your job site, even under strict timelines. No business is too big or small, as AFIMAC has successfully supplied temporary laborers to small family-owned companies and large Fortune 500 corporations.

Lean on the experience and expertise of AFIMAC and tap into a large talent pool of temp workers ready to take on any task within your business. Contact us directly to learn more about available temporary labor solutions and ensure your business rebounds from a difficult pandemic.

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