Travel Risk Management and Corporate Travel Solutions

Growing corporations are tasked with connecting with international business clients and meeting face-to-face to acquire new partnerships and opportunities. Corporate travel abroad can come with unexpected mishaps, including medical emergencies, sudden natural disasters, and exposure to political unrest like riots and demonstrations.

Traditional travel insurance is often complicated by claim forms and fine print that can leave travelers or corporations on their own to pay for hospital bills. AFIMAC is proud to offer CAP™ travel assistance plans that provide on-demand consultation to address travel mishaps while offering emergency transportation and air ambulance services for one initial price.

AFIMAC helps clients fulfill their duty of care responsibilities through travel security products.

CAP™ Travel Assistance Plans

The CAP™ Travel Assistance Plan (CAP™) comes standard with best-in-class travel security and emergency response benefits for mishaps during your trip, including but not limited to terrorism, natural disasters, riots, and violent crime.

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TripSecure™ is a fully funded medical transport, travel security, and crisis assistance solution designed specifically for the global transportation industry.

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