Maintain Business Closures During Strikes and Labor Disruptions

In today’s fast-paced global economy, you can't afford to be caught unprepared during a strike or sudden plant closure. With the right plan at the right time, you can minimize the risk and potential loss resulting from work stoppages, industrial accidents, plant closings, maintenance, shutdowns, or even natural disasters. AFIMAC is the only continuity provider that offers a full range of services, all from one source - no subcontracting or outsourcing.

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Ensure Your Safety During a Contentious Strike

Should negotiations stall between your senior leadership team and union, and a plant or facility must close, AFIMAC can be relied on to immediately provide a strike security detail to monitor ingress and egress based on previous discussions concerning the company's strike security requirements. Specialized security response is vital, should the company be required to announce employee lay-offs. Negotiations can often turn highly contentious, placing executives and employees in danger. AFIMAC’s strike security specialists can plan and ensure picket line demonstrations remain peaceful and safe.

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Supplemental Labor Services Offered By AFIMAC

AFIMAC can also provide supplemental labor to help with a plant shutdown or the removal of equipment. AFIMAC maintains resources across the world and can address labor shortages to ensure operations continue throughout a strike. Stay in business, regardless of the challenges your business is facing. AFIMAC has the experience to help you plan for the worst-case scenario and ensure your operations remain uninterrupted.
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