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A complete background investigation is essential in almost every hiring decision a company must make. Background checks are a best practice for everything from hiring executive-level personnel, vetting potential directors, gathering intelligence on opposing parties, and are even an essential part of a due diligence investigation.

Background checks play an important part in corporate business and human resources. Our investigators have ample experience conducting research that complies with national and local laws of professional conduct. We can validate credentials, experience, and reputation, as well as identify legal or financial liabilities and business affiliations.

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Affordable, Accurate, and Comprehensive Background Check Solutions

AFIMAC stands above the rest in the background check and investigation industry. We offer exceptional customer service and continuous product innovation to ensure customers have access to the latest and greatest background screening technology. We maintain a commitment to accuracy and expediency in processing times and leverage global partnerships to offer products that speak to the needs of clients in North America, Latin America, and around the world.

Our background check solutions are comprehensive yet affordable. AFIMAC offers complete solutions for corporate clients that focus on consistent, reliable, and secure results. AFIMAC background checks could include pre-employment screening initiatives or be an essential part of a human resources’ post-employment due diligence process.
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