Discover and Curb Workplace Fraud in Your Corporation

A pending theft or fraud case, a hostile work environment, or suspicion of drug usage during work hours may merit an undercover investigation. If serious problems are suspected in the workforce, or a large unexplained loss occurs, an employer can conduct a workplace investigation. In these cases, an undercover operative can confirm or disprove rumors and expose the guilty parties. AFIMAC recommends using an undercover agent in the following instances:

  • If a company has received reliable information of criminal activity but lacks enough detail to prevent new occurrences and apprehend the perpetrators
  • Losses are known to have occurred in a certain department, but the company does not know how they are happening or who may be involved
  • Personal relationships within a targeted department need to be unraveled
  • Actual practices by employees need to be measured against company policy

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Prevent the Theft of Time, Product, and Property

A professionally managed investigation is an effective and discreet way to thwart theft of time, product, and property. Investigators can discover plots that may damage a company’s image or gain a competitive advantage. On-going investigations can also prevent the potential leaking of confidential information to outside parties. Undercover operatives can document violations that compromise the health and safety of employees. When workers themselves or their union representatives warn an employer that a problem exists, a company has an obligation to investigate it thoroughly or potentially face criminal negligence charges.

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Leverage Technology to Identify Threats to Your Organization

AFIMAC clients have 24-hour access to case updates and expenses on any particular investigation. AFIMAC strictly adheres to local laws to mitigate a client's liability exposure. Investigations of employees must be warranted, and AFIMAC’s experienced management team is aware of the ‘red flags’ that pass the legal tests for surveillance. We understand the need to comply with all privacy laws. AFIMAC has used both undercover and overt investigators to document employee misconduct during work hours or on company property. A covert operative can verify who is involved, where the violations took place and document it accordingly. Another investigator can capture suspects on camera or video so the appropriate action can be taken against the perpetrators.
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