Short Notice Emergency Response Vehicles

Should community assets become overtaxed, AFIMAC's pool of emergency vehicles and equipment can be stationed on a client's site to provide needed medical attention, transportation, and emergency response. AFIMAC maintains global resources that can be deployed directly to a site to address any emergency, including natural disasters impacting both governments and private entities.

Based on liaisons built into a client's natural disaster planning documents, AFIMAC's recovery team assists by providing vehicles that can help a corporation move essential assets and ensure safety during any emergency.

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Providing Single-Source Solutions to Any Client

AFIMAC’s fleet of secure vehicles (including sedans, SUVs, vans, and buses) can meet any clients’ needs when they or their assets must travel by land. AFIMAC’s management team will work with a client to meet and exceed any one way or round-trip requirement. The team can also partner with clients to review an itinerary, assess potential security risks along the route, and recommend the appropriate mode of transportation to safeguard personnel or vital assets.
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