Address Logistical Challenges During a Disaster with AFIMAC Base Camps

A government or corporation might be forced to have their employees work after a disaster. Compromised facilities, reduced access to food and water, along with limited lodging, can prevent a company from maintaining their operations. AFIMAC has built customized trailers and base camp plans to address such challenges. AFIMAC offers logistical support to employees during emergencies such as natural disasters, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

If the company cannot continue to operate on-site, AFIMAC can provide support services for creating a centralized base camp with mobile power generation that can be used as a temporary command post. This base camp offers a haven where employees and relief workers can relax and rejuvenate before resuming their challenging tasks.

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Global Resources to Address the Needs of Governments and Corporations

As a result of AFIMAC’s global resources, base camp services can be set up rapidly to ensure your employees’ safety and operational goals are met. These self-contained base camps can be deployed anywhere and can include kitchen trailers that can feed a small army of workers with fresh, appetizing, and highly nutritious meals.

Through the years, AFIMAC has served over 1.4 million meals, which can be customized to appeal to both cultural and regional tastes. Mobile showers and lodging can also be implemented anywhere in a moment’s notice. Restroom facilities and laundry trailers can ensure that employees and relief workers, stay clean and comfortable. Just one AFIMAC shower trailer can service 500 people in a clean, and sanitary environment with the privacy clients need and expect.
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