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IMAC Services Inquiry
Need some good, hardworking laborers to support your skilled tradespeople? AFIMAC highly-qualified labor force is ready to perform anywhere in North and South America. These short- or long-term workers can support other trades already on a client's payroll or work independently. Their tasks can range from organizing materials on a construction job site or keeping a site clean and safe.

AFIMAC labor personnel can staff a new job quickly or ramp up the workforce to stay on schedule. In all cases, a partnership with AFIMAC will enable a client's management to focus on the project at hand without concern for unforeseen manpower cuts or overcharges.

Clients can rest assured that AFIMAC laborers undergo a thorough and rigorous screening process to ensure that only top quality workers arrive at any job site.

AFIMAC's premium labor force includes:

  • General Laborers
  • Landscape Workers
  • Agricultural Laborers
  • Production Line Workers
  • Warehouse Workers

IMAC Services Inquiry