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MyTrac™ is a 24/7 global tracking and incident response platform providing real-time monitoring, incident management and emergency response for mobile assets.

The subscription-based platform is geared towards journey and fleet management. MyTrac™ enhances the duty of care and is an ideal service for protecting people and goods in transit. All monitoring centers leverage C4i (Command, Control, Communication, Computers & Intelligence) to support subscriber needs.The MyTrac™ platform is a professional service built on centralized monitoring and local response. For example, in the very fluid threat environment of Mexico, we operate a robust regional operations center (ROC) and have approximately 150 locally-staffed response vehicles positioned throughout the country to support our subscribers. This key differentiator alone far exceeds any similar service offered in and throughout Mexico.

IMAC Services Inquiry
  Breach testing
  Consulting Services
  High Risk Terminations
  Explosives/Drug Detecting Dog Teams
  Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM)
  Workplace Violence / High Risk Termination Training
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  Executive and Close Protection Training
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