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Based on ground-breaking success using dogs to screen cargo for explosive materials for international airlines using airports in Brazil, AFIMAC now offers this same service to the aviation industry and private companies throughout Latin America.

Before introducing this new service in Brazil, AFIMAC was the only company to participate in a lengthy process to establish the proper standards for how the dogs and their handlers would be trained, certified, deployed, and managed. Through a new subsidiary, AFIMAC has become a market innovator and leader in offering this service as another security layer not only for airlines to detect explosives but also for companies to combat drugs in the workplace.

Both security and human resources professionals are well aware of employees who are also trafficking in drugs. Because of the privacy and labor laws in Latin America, companies cannot target one individual. But bringing in dogs after hours or to walk through a manufacturing site is an acceptable form of random screening. AFIMAC is ready to assist companies in this way as an ala carte service or through a monthly retainer.

Another opportunity is for companies and organizers to use canines to screen for drugs and explosives among audience members gathering for special events at large stadiums. Terrorists are well aware of the havoc and publicity they can generate by slipping chemical weapons through passive detectors at international events. In today's world, terrorism is a fact of life, and AFIMAC's canine teams can be a cost-effective deterrent.

Every component of the canine operation has received intense scrutiny by AFIMAC personnel. The training of the explosives and narcotics detector canines is conducted by competent trainers using a structured curriculum with specific training and learning objectives, which include the following points:
  • Narcotics detector canines will be trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and other substances as required by the mission.
  • Explosives detector canines will be trained to detect a mandatory group of explosives as well as others as required by the mission or specific threat.
  • Canine/Handler teams will be certified based on a comprehensive assessment of odor recognition and the handler's ability to recognize the response.
  • Maintenance training will be completed to sustain and enhance the performance of the handler and canine and their ability to work together as a team.
  • AFIMAC and the handler will maintain training records, certification records, proficiency assessments and seizure records.

AFIMAC takes great pride in the diversity of its security offerings to clients. Explosive or drug detecting canine units is another forward-thinking element that can bolster a client's security posture and safeguard its bottom line.

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