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IMAC Services Inquiry
Today's corporate executives often must travel to unstable locations around the world, and their safety should always be of the utmost concern. AFIMAC protection specialists are experienced in making security arrangements for executives visiting high-risk environments. With its unparalleled global reach, AFIMAC can provide detailed security plans and coordinate operations no matter where employees must travel.

Before departure, AFIMAC specialists will provide intelligence briefings for the countries on the employee's confidential itinerary. Plans will be prepared for arriving at commercial airports or securing corporate aircraft at each destination. Local options for ground transportation will be explored and vetted. Security at specific hotels and other sites to be visited will be reviewed, and proactive security procedures will be enacted before the employee arrives. Emergency evacuation procedures will also be designed for each location.

AFIMAC can also provide specific training programs to educate clients on how to protect and safeguard themselves when traveling. AFIMAC also offers expertise in travel security planning and in-class or online training on how to handle potentially hostile environments.

IMAC Services Inquiry
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