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Vulnerability & Threat / Risk Assessment

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Anticipating future incidents is a fundamental component of successful security planning in all business sectors throughout the world. AFIMAC Global is uniquely positioned to help companies foresee threats that can lead to a potentially chaotic situation in diverse cultures.

In partnership with each client, an AFIMAC team trained in international relations will implement a proven strategy to identify risks and implement solutions. AFIMAC specialists will lead the client through unique threat assessments and security audits that not only will measure the credibility, seriousness, and likelihood of various threats to employees and assets but also will identify weaknesses in security systems, structure, design, planning, and manpower. Compliance audits will review how the company is meeting government or industry mandates and recommend ways to implement needed changes. Mission-specific vulnerability assessments takes the analysis to a higher level by uncovering and testing potential penetration points that could be breeched by known or potential adversaries.

  • We partner with clients to dissect and analyze a company's current policies and procedures through insightful audits and assessments.
  • We help multinational and small business executives understand the consequences of security breaches and how they affect a company's bottom line.
  • We produce comprehensive risk management strategies tailored to a company's international profile and market.
  • We can be relied on to deliver appropriate solutions based on the political environment and legal requirements of the countries where each client does business.

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