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Transportation Services (people, materials and supplies)

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When a labor dispute occurs, moving personnel and products safely can become a glaring vulnerability. AFIMAC owns a fleet of customized vehicles - buses, tractors and trailers - that can be deployed to meet a variety of transportation needs.

Prior to a potential labor strike, AFIMAC's risk mitigation specialists will conduct a pre-strike review of a client's strike security transportation needs. The resulting plan will outline manpower, equipment, and deployment requirements. AFIMAC's senior operations staff will ensure the plan will function effectively within the recommended strike security coverage.

For example, specially trained strike security drivers can pick up employees off site and escort them to work to avoid driving personal vehicles through a picket line, which reduced the client's potential liability and ensures that both employees and picketers are safe. AFIMAC's strike security transportation services can arrange for off-site warehousing of deliveries or critical data. Special equipment even can be used to ship product if a supplier will not cross the picket line.

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Transportation Services (people, materials and supplies)
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