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Pre-Dispute Needs Analysis and Site Security Audits


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Labor Dispute & Disaster Response or Management

Pre-Dispute Needs Analysis and Site Security Audits

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The key to maintaining day-to-day operations during a labor strike or any form of labor unrest is to adopt a business continuity plan that includes strike security strategies on how to proactively address these disruptions. With more than 30 years of strike security experience handling labor disputes in all types of situations, the AFIMAC team can be relied on to help clients prepare through a thorough needs analysis and strike preparedness audit.

AFIMAC's experienced strike security project managers will identify hidden, existing, or emerging risks and vulnerabilities within an organization. Through extensive strike security audits, they can assess whether procedures comply with internal policies and compare them to industry best practices or insurance regulations.

Based on their findings, the AFIMAC crisis management team will provide the client with a full report, detailing cost-effective and realistic recommendations for upgrades and improvements. This report will clearly show all of the protective risk management and strike security strategies AFIMAC can implement in a potential labor strike to protect people and assets, avoid risk, retain profit margins, and comply with insurance and industry regulations.

The resulting strike plan may include ways to house, feed, and support management personnel and employees, both inside and outside the corporate setting. It will also set procedures to keep products flowing into and out of a client's plant so productivity goals are not compromised and customer needs are met. As a byproduct, inefficient processes can be identified and eliminated to ensure operations remain healthy over the long term. AFIMAC's strike security experts will provide recommendations for trained strike security personnel that would be required during the labor dispute which will also be outlined in the plan.

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