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No cookie cutter policy can define what a company will face should a natural disaster affect its facilities. That policy must be tailored to the specific geographic environment where the facilities are located and encompass a plan for the continuity of operations should a disaster occur.

AFIMAC has an unparalleled reputation for designing such policies and plans in partnership with clients and implementing solutions through trained personnel and company-owned equipment. AFIMAC personnel can work with clients on different levels of involvement, from developing the actual plan to sitting on the client’s contingency planning committee. In all cases, the final plan should have the following objectives:
  • Provide an effective way to continue operations if the business is without normal utilities services and any means for obtaining outside assistance.
  • Outline each department’s responsibilities for disaster preparedness and the continuity of services.
  • Provide a logical and flexible chain of command to allow the maximum use of resources throughout the event.
  • Minimize injury or illness to people as well as damage or loss of property or records.
  • Provide maximum safety and protection for employees and visitors present during the event.

Should an event occur, AFIMAC can quickly supply a range of security services based on the plan. For example, AFIMAC security officers can:
  • Control the media and safeguard support workers at a base camp.
  • Provide security for relief workers who are meting out water and blankets to victims.
  • Control the ingress and egress of employees and contractors at the base camp or affected sites.
  • Provide a roving patrol to check on the clients physical assets to prevent looting or vagrants.

Depending on the nature and length of the business disruption, AFIMAC can also bring its own logistical support equipment to the base camp, including:
  • Buses
  • Mobile showers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Dormitory units
  • Kitchens
  • A mobile command center

In any potential natural disaster, having AFIMAC as a partner can ensure that employees know they will be safe and that the business can continue operations off- or on-site for as long as necessary.

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