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Asset Protection and Security Personnel

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Should a disaster occur in the workplace, an organization still has a responsibility to provide a safe environment during that chaotic time. AFIMAC's natural disaster management teams can help decide how a company will protect key assets-its physical plant, employees, and information. Exacting plans can be prepared for how additional protection will be provided by in-house or contracting special response security personnel and what additional security staffing might be needed.

AFIMAC's highly qualified natural disaster security and response personnel are trained to make rational decisions under adverse conditions. They can control access to the affected sites, monitor suppliers moving into and out of the area, ensure only appropriate employees are frequenting critical areas, as well as record and audit assets. Should an organization's employees be unable to reach their assigned locations, AFIMAC can even supply skilled replacement workers to supplement existing personnel for both short - and long - term assignments.

IMAC Services Inquiry
Asset Protection and Security Personnel
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