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Labor Dispute & Disaster Response or Management

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IMAC Services Inquiry
Since 1982, AFIMAC has assisted more than 5,000 image conscious clients of all sizes and in every industry, including many Fortune 500 corporations plan for and execute business continuity response strategies for plant closures, labor disputes and mass layoffs or downsizing. Our efforts have helped these companies prepare for business disruptions caused by labor disputes that threaten to shut down daily operations, potentially forever. AFIMAC provides a range of strike security services for companies who are preparing for a strike or require protection during a labor dispute situation.

A team of AFIMAC experts work with executives to provide the most comprehensive suite of services available in the marketplace, from strike planning to providing strike security and supplemental labor.

  • We understand the need to keep employees safe and give them peace of mind through a specialized and highly-trained strike security detail that can protect corporate assets for a plant closure, labor strike or even mass layoffs.
  • During a crisis, we can provide real-time information to clients through our proprietary software system, Veritas Incident Management System.
  • We can help provide uninterrupted strike security services to customers by working with venders throughout a client's supply chain to keep products flowing and production on target.
  • Our strike security and labor dispute management team can assist a client's legal team by gathering evidence to obtain injunctions and temporary restraining orders.
  • We can help ensure that shareholders understand the company's professional response to a difficult challenge.

IMAC Services Inquiry
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