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Workplace Violence Investigations

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According to industry experts, most workplace violence occurs when a high-risk individual encounters a high-risk "triggering" event. This trigger could be an adverse employment action or an internal encounter that somehow represents a longstanding issue or grievance.

No organization can by itself prevent or control workplace violence. Too many specialized skills are required in the assessment, prevention, and management of this complex process. Fortunately, these events are so infrequent that company rarely hire a full-time specialist to deal with workplace violence incidents.

But corporations today cannot ignore the potential for a violent incident to occur on their premises-and the horrific headlines that result. As a trusted partner in safeguarding a corporation's reputation for protecting its employees, AFIMAC offers a comprehensive suite of services to develop contingency plans and address workplace issues as they unfold. With extensive experience in employee relations, AFIMAC can provide real-time investigations and response with the utmost confidentiality and efficiency on the following topics:

  • Workplace harassment and bullying investigations
  • High-risk terminations
  • Executive and family protection
  • Tactical security officers
  • Executive and close protection drivers
  • Surveillance teams
  • Risk awareness programs
  • Emergency response teams
  • GPS tracking and panic alarm features

Why leave the safety and security of your most valuable asset-your employees-to random chance? Learn how AFIMAC can review current practices and help implement new safeguards that become an integral part of your corporate identity.

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