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A pending theft or fraud case may merit an undercover investigation when the company suspects that a potential loss or serious problem exists within its workforce. In these cases, an undercover operative has the best chance of confirming or disproving rumours and exposing the guilty parties. AFIMAC Inc. has conducted in excess of 8000 investigations since 1982 and has not been the subject of a single law suit as a result of investigations conducted.

AFIMAC will recommend using an undercover operative in the following instances:

  • The company has received reliable information of criminal activity but lacks sufficient detail to prevent new occurrences and apprehend the perpetrators
  • Losses are known to have occurred in a certain department but the company does not know how they are occurring or who may be involved
  • Personal relationships within a targeted department need to be unraveled
  • Actual practices by employees need to be measured against practices required by company policy

A correctly placed and carefully managed discreet investigation is an effective way to thwart employee thefts of time, product, and property. But they can also unearth plots to damage a company's image or competitive advantage through conspiracies against the company and its management or the leaking of confidential information.

Most importantly, undercover operatives can document violations that compromise the health and safety of employees. When workers themselves or their union representatives warn an employer that a problem exists, the company has an obligation to investigate or face criminal negligence charges if an employee is injured.

By employing GPS and web based technologies AFIMAC clients are able to have 24 hour access to case updates and expenses on any particular investigation enabling them to save up to 30% in productivity by reviewing cases in their own time at their own pace.

AFIMAC strictly adheres to Canadian laws when conducting an investigation to mitigate a client's liability exposure. Investigations of employees must be warranted, and the experienced AFIMAC management team is well aware of the "red flags" that pass the legal tests for surveillance and understands the need to comply with privacy laws

AFIMAC has used both undercover and overt investigators to document that employees are smoking marijuana, for example, or drinking alcohol during work hours and on company property and then returning to work. The undercover operative will verify who is involved and where the violations are taking place. Another investigator will capture the suspects on camera or video so appropriate action can be taken against the perpetrators.

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