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Recent legislation stipulates that corporations have a legal duty to ensure a safe working environment for employees even when they are traveling or in a crisis situation. AFIMAC's GPS Personal Trackers are the perfect way to comply with this standard.

Personal Trackers are equipped with two-way calling and a panic response buttons, meaning employees can feel safe and clients can have peace of mind knowing where their personnel are located even when traveling or in risky situations. Best of all, the device fits in the palm of the hand and can be discreetly stowed anywhere on a person or while travelling in a vehicle.

Personal Trackers use both a cellular network and GPS technology to provide real-time location information. AFIMAC staff members track each personal units in our own control room. The units can be configured to report personal location information at timed intervals as short as 10 seconds. A programmable SOS panic button and two additional call buttons can be configured with two different phone numbers.

Don't subject yourself to unnecessary liability or penalties by not taking reasonable steps to properly plan for a high risk situation. Call the professionals at AFIMAC to ensure safety of your employees at a time of risk.

IMAC Services Inquiry
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