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Digital Forensics & Cyber Security

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IMAC Services Inquiry
Conservative estimates show that as much as $5.2 billion is lost annually as a result of workplace fraud. Do you really know what’s on your company computers? Are employees using computers to download material that could expose to your company’s proprietary data or upload content that could be harmful to your reputation?

AFIMAC’s Forensic Identification Division specializes in uncovering what might be hidden in within your vast computer network. Our technical forensic investigators and accountants are experienced in the methods and procedures for identifying, acquiring, and analyzing evidence that can result in criminal actions against employees, including computer policy contraventions and civil litigation.

AFIMAC forensic teams works with clients on a range of topics aimed at finding gaps in a company’s computer policies, uncovering instances of fraud by even trusted employees or contractors, and designing systems that are impervious to outside attacks.

This list highlights the types of services and investigations available to AFIMAC clients:
  • Cyber Security Review (CSR)
  • Forensic imaging and preservation
  • e-discovery & Data Recovery
  • Malicious Hacking / Harassment
  • Financial Investigations
  • Internet Investigations and Data Mining
  • Fraud & Theft Investigations
  • Product Liability
  • Asset Misappropriation / Loss of Business Income
  • Inventory loss
  • Employee Theft
  • Supplier Kickbacks & Billing Schemes
  • Insurance Claims
  • Financial Statement Manipulation

AFIMAC stands apart in the industry because the company owns all the specialized equipment required to get this complex job done, which amounts to a 40 percent faster response time. Don’t risk losing hard-earned corporate gains due to fraud. Call and let us explain how we can assist your organization in getting the results you need to remain a competitive force in the industry.

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IMAC Services Inquiry
  Background Checks
  Benefit Claims Investigations
  Corporate & Personal Due Diligence
  Corporate Theft and Fraud Investigations
  Social Media Investigations
  Trademark Investigations
  Undercover Investigations
  Insurance Investigations
  Risk Assessments, Breach Testing & Integrity Investigations
  GPS tracking and monitoring
  Workplace Violence Investigations
  Digital Forensics & Cyber Security
  Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM)