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Disaster & Emergency Response

Natural Disaster and Emergency Response Training

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This course will present a general blueprint for the disaster planning and response necessary for manmade or natural disasters. With the reduced resources and prevalent panic which usually accompanies most disasters, this course will give you the tools to have a plan in place - one that has been implemented prior to the event and readies a response for security, logistics, temporary help, or whatever else you may need. The course will outline what communications, transportation, logistical, life necessity, medical, staffing and security challenges might be presented in a disaster. Immediate response options will be explored for all of these concerns. Course completion will help you structure a plan that will fit your company's individual needs and teach you how to test and refine the plan for effectiveness and practicality. In addition, practical response scenarios based on our company's experience with handling such emergencies for our clients in the past will be explored.

Course Covers:
  • Disaster Planning
  • Defining Possible Scenarios
  • Response Options
  • Testing the Plan
  • Contracting Arrangements
  • Resource Pre-Positioning
  • Immediate Response Considerations
  • Contingency Plans
  • Event Documentation

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