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IMAC Services Inquiry
This course examines the truck hijackings and the tactics used by robbers. The program teaches participants preventative safety security measures to implement and how to avoid a truck hijacking from taking place. In the event of a truck hijacking, participants are provided with an understanding in how to react and what appropriate actions to take following a hijacking incident. Participants will gain knowledge and insight that will assist with:

  • Enhanced driver protection
  • Development of effective observation skills and strategies
  • Ability to identify multiple suspects
  • Better technical knowledge of robbery weapons
  • Facilitation of appropriate post robbery procedures that can assist in suspect apprehension and load recovery
  • Appropriate response actions during a truck hijacking
  • Preparation to effectively complete robbery description forms and handle police questioning

Course Covers:

  • Understanding a Robber's Goals & Motives
  • Why Fleet Owners Care
  • Overview of the Truck Hijacking Robbery Problem
  • Communications Between Driver & Dispatcher
  • Use of Technology to Enhance En-route Security
  • Implementing Human Resource Controls
  • Truck Security Policies & Procedures
  • Truck Hijacking Prevention, Myths of Armed Robbery
  • Use of Panic Alarms, Weapons & Injuries
  • Observation Skills
  • Observation Skills Exercise
  • Robbery Procedure Cards
  • Observation & Post Robbery Procedure Exercise

IMAC Services Inquiry
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