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IMAC Services Inquiry
With more than 30 years of cargo security, risk management, disaster response, workplace violence and contingency planning experience, AFIMAC has assembled a cadre of experts from diverse disciplines within various management fields to lead our training courses. Therefore, these expert instructors don't just teach, they do.

AFIMAC trainers are equally proficient at delivering top-notch courses in house or online Webinars. The following courses are available:

  • AFIMAC Online Security Basic Training
  • Basic Covert Surveillance Training (with Counter Measures)
  • Enhanced Driver Training
  • First Aid
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Predictive Profiling
  • Truck Hijacking Robbery Training

IMAC Services Inquiry
  Air Cargo Screening
  Explosives/Drug Detecting Dog Teams
  Incident Response
  Intelligence Briefs
  Secure Escorts (Surveillance & Counter Surveillance)
  Security Systems
  Supply Chain Security Audit
  Theft Investigations & Recovery
  Uniformed Cargo Center Security & Inspection Services