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Cargo & Asset Security Services

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Sophisticated security technologies and processes can secure a product during manufacture. But when that cargo pulls away from the dock, it becomes extremely vulnerable to sabotage, tampering, and all types of petty or organized theft. AFIMAC offers a highly sophisticated approach to securing cargo in transit, from audits, to escorts, to GSP tracking, to intelligence briefs.

Trained and certified AFIMAC professionals will review a company's existing shipping procedures to uncover weaknesses that expose the company to undue cargo theft risk. Based on the assessment, AFIMAC will recommend specific security management strategies that integrate people, technology, and procedures into daily operations. Our 24-hour Emergency Response Service-staffed by trained, bilingual agents-can assist clients and their employees with unexpected hazards while product is in transit. Should an incident occur, carefully selected AFIMAC risk mitigation specialists stand ready to design, manage, and conduct a comprehensive investigation and recovery process.

Our certified cargo security officers screen international or domestic freight moving by land, sea, or air using physical searches and detection technologies that meet all local standards.

IMAC Services Inquiry
  Explosives/Drug Detecting Dog Teams
  Theft Investigations & Recovery
  Secure Escorts (Surveillance & Counter Surveillance)
  Air Cargo Screening
  Supply Chain Security Audit
  Uniformed Cargo Center Security & Inspection Services
  Incident Response
  Security Systems
  Intelligence Briefs