Ask the Expert Webinar Series: Integrity Testing - Are Your Vendors and Employees Playing by the Rules?
Ask the Expert Webinar Series: Integrity Testing - Are Your Vendors and Employees Playing by the Rules?

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Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2019    |    Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST    |    Cost: FREE
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Are your vendors acting in the best interest of your firm? AFIMAC is often contacted to conduct undercover assignments to ensure third-party vendors are performing as expected. Employees can also be a source of concern. Are your employees offering your products at a discounted rate or providing information that is not accurate? This type of behaviour can significantly impact your profitability.

This webinar will help you develop programs to ensure vendor and employee integrity is maintained.
Webinar Outline
Topics Discussed Topics Discussed

The webinar will be interactive; we encourage questions during the presentation. By the end of the webinar you will understand:
  • Undercover Operations – Focused on Vendor Mismanagement
  • Integrity Testing – Do Your Employees do What is in the Best Interest of the Company
  • Documentation and Evidence Collection
Webinar Speakers

Jim Rovers Jim Rovers
Senior Vice President - Operations

Jim Rovers has been actively involved in the investigations industry since 1989. He has assisted both insurance and corporate clients throughout Canada and the United States. Mr. Rovers is frequently asked to speak regarding social media and online investigations.
Amy Paterson Amy Paterson
Social Media Investigator

Amy Paterson is the Lead Open Source Investigator for AFIMAC. Ms. Paterson has over ten years of experience conducting investigations related to insurance claims, family law, locating individuals and due diligence background checks, with a portfolio of over 2000 completed cases related explicitly to online investigations, conducted in Canada, the United States and internationally.
	Jessica Picanco Jessica Picanco
Senior Investigator

Jessica Picanco joined AFIMAC in 2017 as a Senior Investigator and now manages operations for the Investigation’s division. She assists insurance and corporate clients with workplace, trademark and insurance fraud investigations and surveillance throughout Canada, the United States and parts of Europe.
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