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Insights Under Two - Q & A

Labor Disputes and Work Stoppages

Can a company operate during a labour dispute?

Can a company use a regular security company?

Can an organization use a regular security company for a labor dispute?

Does a company really need security or can they rely on the police?

How does a company determine how many strike security officers are required during a labor dispute?

How many strike security guards are required during a dispute?

How soon should a company prepare for a work stoppage?

If a union decides to strike can a company operate during this time?

Is videotaping a picket line legal?

Should a company arrange for transportation for their staff during a strike?

To operate during a labor dispute how much would that cost a company?

Typically how much does it cost a company to operate during a labour dispute?

What are the rights of picketers during a strike?

What does the term crossdock pertain to?

What is and how does a crossdock come into play during a labor dispute?

What kind of training should a strike security officer have?

When negotiations are going well is it necessary to have a contingency plan?

Why is a court injunction so important during a labor dispute?

You mention a company should plan 4 to 12 months out if negotiations are going well. Is that necessary?

Protection Services

Are there areas in Brazil that are more dangerous or violent than others?

Can you describe what a flash kidnapping is?

Has Columbia improved crime wise?

In advance of the World Cup and Olympics, what is the government doing to prepare?

Is Cartaheina safe for executives to travel to and how does it compare to Bogota and other cities?

Is kidnapping still common in Columbia?

Is public transportation an option in Brazil?

Outside of Sao Paulo and Rio, how does crime differ in other Brazilian cities?

What is the crime situation currently in Brazil for expats vs. locals?

What is the crime situation like in Venezuela?

What steps can expats and their families take to reduce their risk in Brazil?

Personal Asset and Vehicle Tracking - GPS

Can you describe how GPS is utilized?

Exactly how does GPS work?

How can GPS aid in foreign travel?

How is GPS used in high risk situations?

How is GPS used in securing cargo and other assets?

In regards to workplace violence is there a use for GPS?

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Insights Under Two - Q & A